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Why choose one of our phrasebooks?

Heading out? The italian phrasebook / translator is your ideal travel buddy! This app is an italian talking phrasebook and offline translator. It does not require an internet connection. The italian phrasebook / translator contains a list of 1300 english phrases, professionally translated into italian. It is possible to listen to the pronunciation of each phrase by tapping on a specific button. Thanks to the multiplicity of its lexicon, the italian phrasebook / translator is really indispensable for a traveller: the included phrases have been specifically selected for tourism and for short - middle term stays. The interface has been designed to be easily readable: the translated phrase is highlighted in red, so all you have to do in order to communicate is to show the screen of your device, and you will be understood in no time! The italian phrasebook / translator is also useful for language learning / improvement: you can save the phrases in a favorites section for easy access, and use them later to train yourself with the pronunciation. So what are you waiting for? Download it now!

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